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Management of type 3c diabetes:- What is the most clinically effective and cost-effective insulin regimen to minimise hypo- and hyperglycaemia for type 3c diabetes secondary to pancreatitis?

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Why this is important:- Type 3c diabetes is associated with metabolic instability and risk of decompensation leading to severe hypoglycaemia and ketoacidosis, in addition to poor quality of life. However, there is no evidence available in this population to inform practice. Therefore, research specifically on type 3c diabetes is essential to inform future updates of key recommendations in this guideline. National adoption of evidence-based insulin management in type 3c diabetes has the potential to cost
effectively improve health and wellbeing, reducing the incidence of acute and long-term complications of poorly controlled glucose levels in chronic pancreatitis. A randomised controlled trial is needed to determine the most effective insulin therapy regimen in this population, comparing twice daily insulin injections, an insulin analogue multiple daily dose basal bolus regimen, and insulin pump therapy.

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September 2018

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Last Reviewed 30/09/2018