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How can referrals to other services after involvement in a lifestyle weight management service be as effective and cost effective as possible? This includes: re-referrals to a lifestyle weight management service, referrals to other tiers of weight management services or referrals to other specialist services (such as alcohol or substance misuse). In particular:-
- How long should people wait before being re-referred to a programme?
- Does re-referral to the same (or a similar programme) influence adherence, effectiveness or cost effectiveness?
- In what circumstances should participants not be re-referred to the same (or a similar programme)?
- Who is best placed to provide ongoing support after the programme, and does this differ according to whether someone completed the programme or met their weight loss goal?
- Are there any unintended or adverse effects from repeated attempts to lose weight?
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Weight management: lifestyle services for overweight or obese adults
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May 2014

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Last Reviewed 03/07/2014