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Postural management:- What is the optimal postural management programme using a standing frame in children aged 1–3 years?
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Why this is important:- Children who are at Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) level IV or V may benefit from using a standing frame as part of a postural management programme. Clinical benefits might include improved weight bearing and walking and, as a result, reduced hip migration. Postural management programmes involving the use of standing frames are part of established clinical practice. However, the individual elements that optimise the effectiveness of such programmes merit further research. The research should compare the effectiveness of postural management programmes that incorporate different durations and timings of standing frame use. For example, what is the effectiveness of 1 hour per day in a single session compared with two sessions of 30 minutes per day? The research should be conducted in children aged 1–3 years. These children are likely to benefit the most from using standing frames (in terms of developing well-formed femoral heads and acetabulums) and they should find the use of standing frames acceptable (because they are lighter than older children and they do not have severe contractures).

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Spasticity in under 19s: management
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July 2012

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