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Assessment of disease severity and impact:- In children, young people and adults with psoriasis, can tools be developed and/or existing ones further refined and validated to:
- assess disease severity and impact in both non-specialist and specialist healthcare settings, to facilitate assessment, appropriate referral, treatment planning and measurement of outcomes
- measure burden and cumulative effect of disease activity, severity and impact for people with both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis?
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Why this is important:- Assessment of disease severity and impact is fundamental to delivering high-quality health care and measuring outcomes. The evidence review indicates that the existing tools have important limitations, and have not been validated in relevant healthcare settings or in children or young people. Future research should ensure that tools are developed that capture information on site of involvement as well as extent and the impact of previous treatments. Tools should capture all aspects of impact on life including physical, psychological and social wellbeing and factors that may influence this impact, such as distress and beliefs about psoriasis. Tools that can be used by patients (as well as healthcare professionals) to assess disease severity and that encompass new technologies should be evaluated to facilitate, when appropriate, modern healthcare delivery models (for example, remote monitoring of disease activity).
In addition, understanding the true burden and effect of disease activity, severity and impact for both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis has not previously been comprehensively studied. Capturing this information and distilling out significant factors for focused investigation will lead to better understanding of the needs of this particular group of people and the impact of treatments that benefit both disease compartments (skin and joints).

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Psoriasis: assessment and management
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October 2012

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Last Reviewed 25/10/2012