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Methotrexate and risk of hepatotoxicity:- What is the impact of methotrexate compared with other approaches to care (for example other systemic non-biological or biological treatments) on risk of significant liver disease in people with psoriasis and do risk factors such as obesity, alcohol use or diabetes alter this risk?
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Why this is important:- The evidence review indicates that people with psoriasis may be at risk of liver disease, and there is great uncertainty about the contributing role of methotrexate. Clinician and patient concerns about this side effect are a common cause of treatment discontinuation. However, existing studies are poorly controlled for important confounders and many are very old. Methotrexate is a low cost intervention that is effective in an important proportion of patients. Research in this area will properly delineate the size of risk and how to minimise it. Future research should be adequately powered to detect clinically relevant liver disease, use relevant tools to do so, and properly control for relevant confounders.

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Psoriasis: assessment and management
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October 2012

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Last Reviewed 25/10/2012