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Topical therapy:- In people of all ages with psoriasis: 1. How should topical therapies be used to maintain disease control i) safely; ii) effectively and iii) what are the health economic implications?
2. What are the risks of 'real life' long term corticosteroid use, are there particular people at risk
and what strategies can be used to modify or avoid risks?
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Why this is important:- Currently, topical therapies, in some form or another, are prescribed to virtually everyone with psoriasis, often as first line psoriasis treatment and they are also frequently used adjunctively with other interventions. There is a wide array of potential topical agents available and further research specifically targeting therapeutic strategies together with sequencing of topical agents for maintaining disease control in the long term continues to deserve focused attention. In addition exploration of the risks associated with long term corticosteroid use and strategies aimed at modifying risk would be a critical element of this research to fill the current gap in the literature.

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Psoriasis: assessment and management
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October 2012

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Last Reviewed 25/10/2012