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Surgical compared with medical management of ectopic pregnancy:- In women with ectopic pregnancy, does the type of intervention (laparoscopy or medical management) impact on women's experience, including psychological and emotional outcomes?
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Why this is important:- Currently there is no evidence exploring the psychological impact of the different treatments for ectopic pregnancy. However, the emotional impact of the condition can be significant, in some circumstances leading to post-traumatic stress disorder. A qualitative comparative study should be carried out to assess how this impact can be reduced. This would help to maximise women's emotional recovery in the short and long term, enable women and clinicians to decide the optimum treatment method and identify what support is needed for women during and after the process. It could also reduce the cost to the NHS of providing long-term counselling for affected women.

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Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage: diagnosis and initial management
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December 2012

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Last Reviewed 18/12/2012