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Antipyretics:- NICE recommends that studies are conducted in primary care and secondary care to
determine whether examination or re-examination after a dose of antipyretic medication is of
benefit in differentiating children with serious illness from those with other conditions. [2007]
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Why this is important:- Antipyretic medications are widely used in primary and secondary settings by parents and healthcare professionals. Children may therefore present to healthcare facilities having had a dose of antipyretics. Furthermore, the child's response to antipyretic drugs may be used as an indication of severity of illness, the rationale being that those with milder illness will either show greater improvement in condition or a greater reduction in their fever than children with more serious illnesses. However, it is not clear if such changes in condition are a valid and reliable method of differentiating children with serious illness from those with less serious conditions.

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Fever in under 5s: assessment and initial management
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May 2013

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