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Home-based antipyretic use:- NICE recommends studies on home-based antipyretic use and parental perception of distress caused by fever. [new 2013]
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Why this is important:- The current guideline recommends the use of antipyretics to relieve distress in children. However, the concept of 'distress' and how parents act on it is little understood. Therefore, NICE recommends that a study is undertaken to investigate 'distress' in children with feverish illness. The study should include parents' and carers' interpretation of this, including: helpseeking behaviour, what triggers presentation to a healthcare professional, what triggers the decision to give a dose of antipyretic, and what triggers the decision to change from one antipyretic to another.

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Fever in under 5s: assessment and initial management
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May 2013

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Last Reviewed 13/06/2013