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Benefits of MRI surveillance in women over 50 years:- Research is recommended to establish the risk and benefits of MRI surveillance compared with mammography in women over 50 years with a personal history of breast cancer. Studies should include sub-analysis for breast density. [new 2013]
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Why this is important:- There have been at least 6 large trials of MRI surveillance in women at high risk of breast cancer. However, none of these contained enough women to assess the potential benefit of MRI over mammography alone in women over 50 years. After 50 years of age, mammography becomes more sensitive and the trade-off between sensitivity and specificity may make MRI less cost effective. Although breast density decreases with age, and particularly after the menopause, there is no sudden change at any particular age. For this reason breast density should be included as a confounding variable.

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Familial breast cancer: classification, care and managing breast cancer and related risks in people with a family history of breast cancer
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June 2013

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Last Reviewed 12/07/2013