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Impact of risk-reducing surgery:- Further research is recommended to compare psychosocial and clinical outcomes in women who choose and women who do not choose to have risk-reducing surgery. [new 2013]
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Why this is important:- Many women are happy with their decision to undergo risk-reducing surgery. However, some women do subsequently regret this choice. A greater understanding of the factors that predict satisfaction or regret will help to guide women's choices in the future. Studies show that risk-reducing surgery significantly reduces risk of breast cancer, but there is insufficient evidence to decide between, for example, skin-sparing mastectomy and total mastectomy. The pros and cons of risk-reducing surgery in women with a diagnosis of cancer also need further study.

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Familial breast cancer: classification, care and managing breast cancer and related risks in people with a family history of breast cancer
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June 2013

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Last Reviewed 12/07/2013