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Compression as a management option:- What is the clinical and cost effectiveness of compression hosiery versus no compression for the management of symptomatic varicose veins?
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Why this is important:- Compression hosiery is widely used as first-line treatment for symptomatic varicose veins. In some areas of the UK a period of hosiery use is a precursor to referral to secondary care. Discomfort and difficulty in application may cause people to stop wearing compression hosiery or wear it only occasionally. The current evidence for the benefit of compression hosiery is weak. There is little evidence of an impact on symptom relief or an improvement in quality of life. It is therefore not possible to calculate the cost effectiveness of compression hosiery. A multicentre trial randomising compression hosiery versus no compression in patients with symptomatic varicose veins is needed. The trial should evaluate quality of life, including symptom reduction, and measure adherence with compression hosiery. In addition the trial should investigate the impact of compression on disease progression and the need for subsequent intervention.

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Varicose veins: diagnosis and management
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July 2013

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Last Reviewed 01/08/2013