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Current evidence on the safety and efficacy of implantation of a duodenal–jejunal bypass liner for managing type 2 diabetes is limited in quality and quantity. Therefore the procedure should only be used in the context of research.
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Further research should give details of patient selection, including information about use of the procedure in patients with different levels of BMI. The research should provide information on complications; reasons for early removal of the device; medication used for treating type 2 diabetes, both when the device is in place and after its removal; and control of type 2 diabetes after device removal. NICE may update the guidance on publication of further evidence.

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Implantation of a duodenal–jejunal bypass liner for managing type 2 diabetes
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March 2015

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Is this a recommendation for the use of a technology only in the context of research? Yes  
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Last Reviewed 23/04/2015