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Underserved groups:- What are the most effective and cost-effective ways of reaching underserved groups and removing barriers to access in order to increase their uptake of flu vaccination?

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Why this is important:- The evidence reviewed did not provide specific details about the needs of people in underserved groups. Particularly important are those people who may be disproportionately affected by chronic conditions that increase their risk of complications from flu and who may have unique barriers to accessing flu vaccination (for example, they may have an undiagnosed clinical condition and not recognise that they are eligible for free flu vaccination, or they may not be registered with a general practice). They may also be difficult to identify. Research is needed into the specific needs, barriers and facilitators of eligible people in underserved groups. This should include how and what is effective in improving access, raising awareness, and offering and delivering vaccination. This will enable commissioners and those with responsibility for flu vaccination delivery to develop interventions to reach these groups.

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Flu vaccination: increasing uptake
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August 2018

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Last Reviewed 31/08/2018