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Carers:- In what context is it cost effective to increase uptake of flu vaccination among carers?

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Why this is important:- There is a lack of peer-reviewed evidence on what is effective and cost effective in increasing flu vaccination in carers. This key target group can be difficult to identify, and people who provide care may not always identify themselves as carers. The limited evidence suggests it is not cost effective to increase uptake of vaccination in all carers. Better understanding is needed about the effect of increasing vaccination in carers on rates of flu transmission, and the wider social and economic
benefits to the health and social care system. Research is needed on the need for targeting, how this should be done and which cared-for groups are most important. Evidence about the effect on uptake of increasing the identification and offer of vaccination to carers through opportunistic engagement in all settings would enable more specific recommendations to be made. It would also allow further assessment of the economic benefits. Evidence about why a carer would choose not to be vaccinated will also improve understanding and inform recommendations and intervention

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Flu vaccination: increasing uptake
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August 2018

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Last Reviewed 31/08/2018