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Speed of intravenous fluid resuscitation for people with acute pancreatitis:- What is the most clinically effective and cost-effective speed of administration of intravenous fluid for resuscitation in people with acute pancreatitis?

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Why this is important:- There is clinical uncertainty about the optimal rate of fluid for resuscitation in severe acute pancreatitis. Severe acute pancreatitis causes the depletion of body fluids and reduction of the intravascular volume severe enough to cause hypotension, acute renal failure and pancreatic hypoperfusion, aggravating the damage to the pancreas. In addition, there is conflicting evidence about the effect of aggressive or conservative fluid management on outcomes in other conditions
with a pathophysiology.
Current guidelines recommend using goal-directed therapy for fluid management, but do not recommend a particular type of fluid. A randomised controlled trial is needed to determine whether aggressive rates of intravenous fluid administration for the initial period of fluid resuscitation are more clinically or cost effective than conservative rates in people with acute pancreatitis.

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September 2018

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Last Reviewed 30/09/2018