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The effect of drug therapy for concurrent conditions on melanoma survival:- In people diagnosed with melanoma what is the effect of drug therapy to treat concurrent
conditions on disease-specific survival?
This should be investigated in a national prospective cohort study. Secondary outcomes should include overall survival and quality of life.

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Why this is important:- Drugs such as immunosuppressants and those used to treat conditions such as diabetes have effects that may affect survival in people with melanoma. For example metformin, the most frequently prescribed drug for type 2 diabetes, is thought to reduce overall cancer rates in people with diabetes but to increase mortality from melanoma in the approximately 40% of these people who have a somatic BRAF mutation.
There is a need to balance the risk of melanoma deaths with the benefits from the most effective treatment of the concurrent conditions. But there is currently no evidence to inform this decision.

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Melanoma: assessment and management
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July 2015

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