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Structured education programmes for adults with type 1 diabetes:- In adults with type 1 diabetes, what methods can be used to increase the uptake of structured
education programmes and to improve their clinical outcomes (particularly achieving and sustaining blood glucose control targets)?

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Why this is important:- Structured education programmes in flexible insulin therapy have been shown to improve diabetes control (lower HbA1c and less  hypoglycaemia), but achieving and sustaining optimal diabetes control for avoidance of complications remains challenging. Some people do not achieve ideal targets for blood glucose control, others achieve but are not able to maintain them, and still others are not offered or do not access structured education at all. There is therefore a need to develop and test (1) more effective ways of engaging adults with type 1 diabetes in education; (2) improvements in the delivery of education to increase the number of people achieving targets for diabetic control and (3) enhanced support for adults with type 1 diabetes to sustain good diabetic control over time. If the uptake and delivery of clinically and cost-effective education and support for adults with type 1 diabetes can be improved, it should be possible to achieve a reduction in the short-term and long-term complications of the condition.

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Type 1 diabetes in adults: diagnosis and management
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August 2015

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