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Dietary supplements:- Should people with coeliac disease be offered calcium and vitamin D supplements for a specific time period soon after their initial diagnosis?

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Why this is important:- People with coeliac disease are at an increased risk of malabsorption of key nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D. This is because of the role gluten plays in preventing these nutrients from being properly absorbed. It is not known how long the body takes to properly absorb these vitamins and minerals once a gluten-free diet is started. It is also not known whether the majority of people diagnosed with coeliac disease have enough calcium and vitamin D in their diet, or whether some people with coeliac disease are able to get enough of these nutrients from what they eat. Answering this research question will help healthcare professionals to understand whether calcium and vitamin D should be offered to everyone at the time of diagnosis and for how long these vitamin and mineral supplements should be taken.

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Coeliac disease: recognition, assessment and management
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September 2015

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