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Effectiveness of 'rescue' cerclage:- What is the clinical effectiveness of 'rescue' cerclage in improving outcomes for women at risk of preterm birth?

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Why this is important:- There is some evidence from randomised studies that 'rescue' cerclage might be effective in improving neonatal outcomes in women with a dilated cervix and exposed, unruptured fetal membranes. However, there is uncertainty about the magnitude of this effect. The full consequences of this strategy and the subgroups of women at risk of preterm labour who might particularly benefit are not known. A randomised controlled trial would best address this question,
but a national registry of the most critical outcomes (neonatal mortality and morbidity, maternal morbidity) could also be considered for women who did not want to participate in a randomised trial but who opted for 'rescue' cerclage.

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Preterm labour and birth
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November 2015

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Is this a recommendation for the use of a technology only in the context of research? No  
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Last Reviewed 30/11/2015