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Does progesterone reduce the risk of preterm birth in women who have a short cervix (cervical length of 25 mm or less), but do not have other risk factors for preterm birth? 

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Preterm birth is a cause of significant morbidity for women and babies, and impacts negatively on women and their families, as well as being costly to the NHS. There is good evidence for the use of progesterone to reduce preterm birth, however studies include women with a combination of risk factors for preterm birth, such as a history of preterm birth and a shortened cervix.

There is a lack of evidence for the effectiveness of progesterone in women with a cervical length of 25 mm or less, but without other risk factors for preterm birth. It is therefore difficult to decide if progesterone should be recommended for these women, and consequently whether measuring the cervix to guide treatment is necessary for women without other risk factors.

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Preterm labour and birth
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November 2015

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Last Reviewed 31/08/2019