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Non-metformin-based drug treatment combinations to control blood glucose levels:-
In adults with type 2 diabetes, what treatment combinations (for example, glucagon-like peptide-1 [GLP-1] mimetics and insulin combination therapy with meglitinides) are most effective when initial drug treatment with non-metformin monotherapy fails to adequately control blood glucose levels?

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Why this is important:- Although it is recognised that metformin therapy is suitable for most adults with type 2 diabetes, its use is contraindicated or not tolerated in approximately 15% of individuals. To date, research evidence has largely focused on metformin-based treatment combinations. Given the progressive nature of the condition, in which intensification of blood glucose lowering drug therapies are indicated over time, there is little evidence, for some adults, to guide management strategies on treatment combinations that do not include metformin. Randomised controlled trials are therefore needed to better understand the treatment choices that are available which improve blood glucose control and long-term risks of complications associated with diabetes.

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Type 2 diabetes in adults: management
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December 2015

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Last Reviewed 31/12/2015