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Interventions:- In the UK, which activity-based interventions are most effective and cost effective at protecting older people who are at risk of a decline in their independence and mental wellbeing?

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Why this is important:- The evidence of effectiveness and cost effectiveness on interventions to help older people at risk is
limited. At-risk groups include those:
- whose partner has recently died
- who have recently separated or divorced
- who have recently been made redundant or involuntarily retired
- who are carers.
The only high quality cost effectiveness evidence available was on the benefits of singing, and this was not specific to any particular groups. A wide range of other activities could be explored.
It is also unclear which utility measures should be used in cost effectiveness studies of these interventions. Evidence of the most effective ways to measure the impact of interventions would inform future updates of the guideline.

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Older people: independence and mental wellbeing
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December 2015

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Last Reviewed 31/12/2015