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Enteral nutrition support:- What specific clinical and non-clinical factors allow risk stratification when selecting which people with CUADT would benefit from short- or long-term enteral nutrition?

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Why this is important:- Outcomes of interest include resource use, morbidity of tube placement, duration of enteral feeding and nutritional status. There are no nationally agreed selection criteria for the type of feeding tube placed at diagnosis for people who need enteral nutrition support during curative treatment. Variation across the UK exists as a result of clinician-led practices and local policy. The systematic review by NICE in 2015 found some evidence but no specific list was identified because of limitations with study design, and inability to stratify clinical and non-clinical factors meaningfully. These factors included restricted populations for tumour staging, patient demographics, treatment plan and intent, definitions of malnutrition, timing and method of tube placement, and duration of enteral nutrition.

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Cancer of the upper aerodigestive tract: assessment and management in people aged 16 and over
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February 2016

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Last Reviewed 29/02/2016