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Is a medication review more clinically and cost effective at reducing the suboptimal use of
medicines and improving patient-reported outcomes, compared with usual care or other
intervention in the UK setting?
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NICE recognised that the key focus of the medicines optimisation agenda is to make care
person-centred and to have services that support people in the optimal use of their medicines.
Medication reviews can be offered to people by different health professionals at different levels,
working in different settings. Resources (for example, staff and time) needed to enable routine
medication review may vary locally depending on the setting and health professional availability.
Research into this area will provide guidance to organisations who may want to, or already provide,
medication reviews as part of their care and enable better use of resources (for example, health
professional cost and time and health and social care resources) and facilitate service delivery. This
information would be useful to commissioners who may consider whether or not to commission
medication reviews by providers.

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Medicines optimisation: the safe and effective use of medicines to enable the best possible outcomes
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March 2015

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Last Reviewed 23/04/2015