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Assessment models for different groups of children and young people:- How effective are the models currently used for assessing the needs of, and level of risk for, children and young people from different population groups who display harmful sexual behaviour?

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Why this is important:- Assessment is at the heart of effective intervention planning and risk management. Without good assessment models, levels of risk may be misclassified. To date, risk assessment tools have mainly been used on small clinical populations of adolescent males who have sexually offended and there is a need for assessment tools for other groups of children and young people. Assessment results are also a basis for needs assessment and decisions about therapeutic interventions, treatment placements and care plans.
For those in the criminal justice system, an assessment provides a clear guide to sentencing and multiagency management (for example, multi-agency public protection arrangements).
Lack of evidence on current assessment models means that we know little about:
- problems caused by mislabelling a child or young person
- impact of the assessment process on the child and young person and their families and carers
- treatment outcomes.

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Harmful sexual behaviour among children and young people
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September 2016

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Last Reviewed 30/09/2016