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Assessment tools for health promotion:- What are the most effective tools to determine the health promotion needs of people in prison?

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Why this is important:- Health promotion in prison can vary and may not be seen as a priority by healthcare staff. But people in prison are entitled to an equivalent standard of healthcare to that which they would receive in the community. Prison offers an ideal opportunity to help people who perhaps have not previously attended health services. The prison population is known to have a high prevalence of smoking, often a poor diet and difficulties in accessing exercise programmes or information on sexual health. All of these may exacerbate existing health conditions or lead to poor health or infection.
No evidence was identified for health promotion needs assessment and a study would inform future recommendations in this area. An effective, valid assessment tool for identifying health promotion needs would ensure that people received care that met their needs. It may also identify specific healthcare needs more quickly so people can be given information and advice about selfcare,both in prison and after release.

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Physical health of people in prison
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November 2016

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Last Reviewed 30/11/2016