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Supporting healthcare professionals to offer HIV tests:- What interventions are effective and cost effective to increase the likelihood of healthcare professionals offering and recommending an HIV test and of its subsequent uptake?

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Why this is important:- Evidence suggests that the uptake of HIV testing is high among people who are offered and recommended a test. However, healthcare professionals often do not offer or recommend HIV tests in situations in which guidelines suggest it would be appropriate to do so. Research exploring interventions to promote the offer of HIV testing among a variety of test providers would inform future iterations of the guideline.
Most of the evidence on increasing the uptake of HIV testing came from the USA, often from settings that do not exist in the UK, for example veterans' health clinics. Given the lack of UK-based evidence, it is also important to ascertain how applicable this research is to cultural and healthcare contexts in the UK.

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HIV testing: increasing uptake among people who may have undiagnosed HIV
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December 2016

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Last Reviewed 31/12/2016