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Identifying current practice and provision:- What drug misuse prevention activities are currently used in the UK for groups at risk of drug misuse?

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Why this is important:- It is unclear what current practice is, and what provision is currently in place, for drug misuse prevention in groups at risk in the UK. Studies in the current review showed that active interventions were no more effective than current practice (as received by a control group). In addition, there is a lack of UK-based studies, and it is not clear whether the current practice that was used as a control group in studies conducted elsewhere is applicable to the UK population.
It is not clear how many of the people that are referred to drug misuse prevention services attend (or are brought to) the services. Identifying existing practice and provision will allow new drug misuse prevention activities to be compared with current practice, identify gaps in current provision, and determine what proportion of people referred to drug misuse prevention services do not attend (or are not brought) to services.

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Drug misuse prevention: targeted interventions
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February 2017

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Last Reviewed 28/02/2017