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Effectiveness of digital technologies:- How effective and cost effective are digital technologies, such as web-based interventions, online self-assessment or targeted new media, for drug misuse prevention among groups at risk in the UK?

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Why this is important:- We identified limited evidence on digital interventions and targeted new media, with existing studies focusing on web-based and text messaging interventions. Interventions and assessments that use digital technology are potentially more cost effective than those delivered face to face and could be used for prevention activities in groups at risk who are harder to reach or who do not present to services. The use of digital technology could also allow people to use sources of support anonymously and help maintain engagement.
Research is needed on effectiveness, cost effectiveness and acceptability of interventions and selfassessment using digital technology. Studies could compare interventions delivered using digital technology with face-to-face interventions. Studies could also look at using interventions that use digital technologies as part of a stepped care model.

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Drug misuse prevention: targeted interventions
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February 2017

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Last Reviewed 28/02/2017