This consultation is now open:


The consultation on an update of the principles that guide the development of NICE guidance and standards is open. It will run from 19 November 2018 to 11 February 2019.

Consultation description


This document contains a set of principles which NICE uses to guide and explain the work that we do to support improvements in the quality of care provided by the NHS and by the public health and social care services.

The document brings together existing statements of the way we practice, in particular the principles set out in our Social Value Judgements. It also links to, and is consistent with, the legislation that establishes NICE in its current form, the NICE charter, and other legal, ethical and technical considerations that relate to decisions about how to allocate fixed resources in health and social care.

The purpose of this consultation is to find out whether people involved with or interested in NICE’s work think that this is an appropriate and helpful way of describing how we go about developing our guidance and standards, based on our current methods and processes. Importantly, this consultation is not an invitation to suggest changes to the methods or processes that NICE uses

What will happen to my comments?


Following the consultation, the NICE board will consider the feedback received and amend the principles where appropriate.

We aim to publish the final document in early 2019, and this will replace the Social Value Judgements document (second edition, published 2008). The 2008 edition will remain on our website for information.