Information about our gender pay gap data for the 12 months leading up to 31 March 2019.


The mean and median gender pay gap

Mean pay gapMedian pay gap
Ordinary pay 7.9% 1.5%
Bonus pay -3.1% -91.6%

The gender split at NICE

The distribution of gender across the pay quartiles

Fourth (upper) quartile 65.36% 34.64%
Third quartile 66.01% 33.99%
Second quartile 68.63% 31.37%
First (lower) quartile 74.51% 25.49%

There are marginally more women than men in the lower half of our pay quartiles. The figures do not mean that male and female staff are paid differently for doing the same work at NICE.

The distribution of gender across the pay bands

We've also analysed the distribution of gender across our pay bands. This isn't a statutory requirement, but does provide a more in depth look at the distribution of pay across the organisation.