Trade union facility time report

Information about our trade union officials and percentage of their time spent on facility time for the 12 months leading up to 31 March 2021.  It also shows how much of our pay bill is spent on facility time.

Facility time is time an employer gives a union representative to carry out their trade union role. Sometimes this means a rep is fully seconded from their regular job, enabling them to work full time on trade union tasks. It can also mean an employer allows a rep to carry out trade union duties, instead of their substantive job, for a certain amount of time per week or month.

Number of union officials

13 employees were relevant union officials during 2020 to 2021. 

This equates to 12.9 full-time equivalent employees.

Time spent on facility time

Percentage of timeNumber of employees
0% 0
1% to 50% 13
51% to 99% 0
100% 0

Percentage of pay bill spent on facility time

Total cost of facility time - £25,889

Total pay bill - £41,988,304

Percentage of pay bill spent on facility time - 0.06%

Paid trade union activities

40.04% of facility time hours were spent on paid trade union activities.