NICE Connect

To help people access the information they need quickly and easily, we're reviewing how we produce and present guidance.

Delivering our vision for the future

Over the last 20 years we've established ourselves as a world leader in guidance development.

We want to keep our reputation for rigour and excellence while reviewing how we produce, present and use guidance in a digital age.

Watch the video to find out more about NICE Connect. You can also register your interest in being involved with the project.

What we're doing

To remain at the heart of the health and care system, we want to bring together related guidance in a more accessible way. This will support decisions with the most up to date evidence-based advice.

We'll provide clearer, more accessible, and up to date information and recommendations on treatment, care and support. This includes advice on the order of interventions to be used.

Reflecting findings from broader types of data and new evidence in a timely way is another important challenge. By taking a more holistic approach to topics we want to explore the potential for faster updates where they are most needed.

We'll be working with all our stakeholders throughout this long-term project. The changes have to work across all areas of the health and care landscape, from clinical health to social care, and reflect what our users need now and in the future.

We need you

User input is important to us, which is why we've incorporated what you told us in our 2019 reputation research into the NICE Connect project. 91% of respondents said the most important focus for NICE in the next 5 years is to make our guidance accessible and easy to use.

Now we're looking for people with experience in health and social care to give feedback at different stages of the project.

  • Complete a short online form to tell us who you are and what you do.
  • The data you provide will be used to invite you to feed back on relevant parts of the project.
  • There's no obligation to take part - you can choose the areas that are of most interest to you.

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What people think

Watch our videos to find out what people think about us changing the way we produce and present guidance.

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