This consultation closes at:

18th September 2017



We've developed a draft new policy outlining the arrangements for members of advisory committees to declare interests and explaining how we handle conflicts of interest.

We would like comments on the proposed policy to ensure its committees’ decisions are fair and unbiased.

Consultation description

The new draft policy was created following the new guidance on managing conflicts of interest in the NHS earlier this year.

The new policy includes:

  • A clearer distinction between interests that should be declared and those that are declared and are a conflict of interest.
  • Clarification that interests only need to be declared if they are relevant, or potentially relevant, to our work.
  • Explicit guidance on when an interest is 'specific' to the matters being discussed and increases the risk of a conflict of interest.
  • Detailed information about the times in the guidance development process interests that interests should be declared.
  • More clarity on when private practice and other fee paid work should be declared and how this affects someones involvement in guidance development.

How to comment

  1. Read through the draft policy document.
  2. Follow the link to the feedback survey.
  3. Answer the survey questions and tell us your views.

Equality information

We are committed to promoting equality and eliminating unlawful discrimination.

If you have a disability which prevents you from submitting your comments, you can contact us to arrange an alternative method: