Changes after publication

Changes after publication

March 2014:

The following changes have been made after publication of this evidence summary:

  • The figure for improvement in trough FEV1 seen with indacaterol compared with placebo in the SHINE study has been corrected to read 200 ml, instead of 20 ml. The text has also been amended to clarify that only comparisons with active comparators, not placebo, were less than the 100 ml that NICE considers to be clinically important for this outcome.

  • The discussion around dyspnoea, health status and use of rescue medication has been focused on comparisons with active comparators; references to placebo have been removed.

  • The text has been altered to make it clear that, although the combination inhaler appears to contain a different dose of indacaterol from the single-component inhaler, the delivered doses are equivalent.

  • All references to personal communication with Novartis, including the estimated cost and launch date, have been removed at the manufacturer's request.

None of the changes alter the key messages of the evidence summary.