Product overview

Drug action

Glycopyrronium bromide (Seebri Breezhaler) is an inhaled LAMA administered using a single-dose dry powder inhaler (the Breezhaler)[4].

New therapeutic indication

Glycopyrronium bromide received a European marketing authorisation in September 2012 and was launched in the UK in November 2012. It is indicated as a maintenance bronchodilator treatment to relieve symptoms in adults with COPD[4].

Course and cost

The recommended dosage of glycopyrronium bromide is inhalation of the powder content of 1 capsule each day. Each hard capsule contains 63 micrograms of glycopyrronium bromide equivalent to 50 micrograms of glycopyrronium. Each delivered dose (the dose that leaves the mouthpiece of the inhaler) contains 55 micrograms of glycopyrronium bromide equivalent to 44 micrograms of glycopyrronium[4].

Glycopyrronium bromide is available in 30-day and 6-day packs, each including a Breezhaler. The current NHS cost is £27.50 for a 30-capsule pack (1 month of treatment) and £5.50 for a 6-capsule pack (excluding VAT; costs taken from MIMS, December 2012). Based on this, the cost per patient per year is estimated to be £330.

[4] Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd (2012) Seebri Breezhaler summary of product characteristics