What are sleep disorders in children with ADHD?

What are sleep disorders in children with ADHD?

Sleep disorders include problems getting to sleep or staying asleep. The impact of this lack of sleep can vary greatly in its severity. Lack of sleep can affect the mood of the child or young person as well as affecting their concentration and behaviour.

Sleep disorders are more common in children with ADHD. ADHD is one of the most common behavioural disorders in children and young people. Symptoms of ADHD can include being:

  • inattentive – unable to concentrate for very long or finish a task, disorganised, often losing things, easily distracted and forgetful, unable to listen when people are talking

  • hyperactive – fidgety and unable to sit still, restless (children may be running or climbing much of the time), talking constantly, noisy, having difficulty doing quiet activities

  • impulsive – speaking without thinking about the consequences, interrupting other people, unable to wait or take their turn.