Prescribing data, metrics or supporting resources

Prescribing data, metrics or supporting resources

At this point, the following metrics or supporting resources have been identified to support this topic.

As outlined under implementation support, a measurement toolkit has been developed by the NHS England Chemotherapy Dose Standardisation Steering Group, which includes recommendations for measuring impact. The project group are working closely with the Hospital Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation Project team at NHS Improvement and the systemic anti-cancer therapy dataset team at Public Health England to develop suitable comparators and metrics.

It is intended that all NHS England commissioned providers of chemotherapy move to prescribing a range of intravenous anticancer therapy in accordance with a nationally approved set of dose tables. Providers will be expected to:

  • have the principles of dose banding accepted by their local oncology and haematology teams

  • have the drugs and doses outlined in the dose banding tables approved by their local formulary committees

  • have intravenous anticancer therapy prescribed in accordance with the doses of drugs listed in the national dose banding tables

  • agree and adopt standardised product definitions for the purchasing of 'off-the-shelf' products.