Specialist commentators

Specialist commentators

The following specialist commentators provided comments on a draft of this briefing:

  • Professor Trudie Chalder, professor of cognitive behavioural psychotherapy, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Professor Chalder is on 2 NHS England committees related to an improving access to psychological therapies (IAPT) initiative to roll out training for therapists to treat long-term conditions and medically unexplained syndromes.

  • Dr Keith Grimes, GP. At the time of commenting, Dr Grimes was the clinical innovation lead for both the Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford clinical commissioning group (CCG) and the Hastings and Rother CCG, and was a governing body member for Eastbourne Hailsham and Seaford CCG. He is a digital health consultant and a salaried employee (GP) of a social enterprise company (Integrated Care 24) that provides out-of-hours, primary care and 111 services to the NHS. He has liaised with the developer to explore potential avenues for Sleepio's use.

  • Mrs Gillian Olds, sleep nurse specialist, Newcastle Regional Sleep Service. Mrs Olds works with Dr Kirstie Anderson and contributes to the delivery of face-to-face cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT‑I) in a nurse-led clinic.

  • Dr Kirstie Anderson, consultant neurologist and honorary senior lecturer. Newcastle Regional Sleep Service. Dr Anderson developed the clinical content for the Sleepstation app, a similar technology to Sleepio. She currently receives no salary but holds shares in the company. She uses online CBT‑I within the sleep service as well as face-to-face CBT‑I.

  • Dr Hugh Selsick, consultant in sleep medicine and psychiatry, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. Dr Selsick has received speaker's fees from a pharmaceutical company for delivering talks on the treatment of insomnia, and has done a clinical trial of Sleepio.