About this app

  • Sleepio is designed for adults with poor sleep, to help improve their sleep through a cognitive behavioural therapy approach.

  • It is a self-help tool that is available on a website and as an app on iOS mobile devices. The app can link to wearable fitness devices that track sleep.

  • Sleepio costs £200 per user per year for individual purchases. Discounts are offered for commissioners for multiple licences, or unlimited access within a population for a fee based on population size.

Evidence summary

  • Clinical effectiveness: Sleepio has potential to have a positive impact for adults with poor sleep compared with standard care. There is good quality evidence that Sleepio improves sleep but the effect size varies between studies, and none of the studies compared Sleepio with face-to-face cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT‑I).

  • Cost and resource impact: Based on limited economic evidence, Sleepio may save costs by avoiding face-to-face CBT‑I. Sleepio has been used as part of improving access to psychological therapies (IAPT) services and based on the recovery rate compared with CBT‑I, Sleepio is cost saving.

  • User benefits: Sleepio is currently available to patients accessing IAPT services through 10 clinical commission groups. It has the potential to increase the availability of CBT‑I and there is some evidence of good user engagement and experience.