About this app

  • GDm‑Health is a health application designed for people with gestational diabetes to allow for remote monitoring of blood glucose levels and communication with healthcare professionals.

  • The mobile app downloads data from the user's blood glucose meter and sends it to a secure website, which is monitored by healthcare professionals. The website allows midwives to send SMS text messages to patients and record notes on the website for other healthcare staff.

  • GDm‑Health is free to download and use. Its use may result in efficiency savings from reducing face-to-face clinic appointments.

Evidence summary

  • Clinical effectiveness: GDm‑Health has the potential to have a positive impact for people with gestational diabetes. There is some evidence that the app is a reliable method to communicate blood glucose levels and improves patient satisfaction with their care. However, there is currently no evidence comparing GDm‑Health with standard care and so the impact on clinical outcomes is uncertain.

  • Cost and resource impact: Cost savings may arise from reducing the need for face-to-face appointments but the overall resource impact has not been quantified and is uncertain because of the limited information available. A report by 1 NHS trust suggests cost and resource savings, and other trusts using GDm‑Health report more efficient use of staff time.

  • User benefits: GDm‑Health is currently available in 4 NHS trusts. Users report benefits including fewer appointments and greater control over their own care.