Specialist commentator comments

Comments on this technology were invited from clinical specialists working in the field and relevant patient organisations. The comments received are individual opinions and do not represent NICE's view.

Three specialists were familiar with and 2 had used this technology before.

Level of innovation

Specialist commentators indicated that this technology is an innovative and novel solution to collecting a high-quality midstream urine (MSU) specimen. Ease of use (patients do not need to start-stop-start), reduced incidence of user spillage, reduction in contamination of urine specimens for culture, resulting in more accurate diagnosis of urinary tract infection were highlighted as the key patient benefits.

Potential patient impact

Peezy Midstream may be of particular benefit for heavily pregnant women because it is potentially easier to use. It may be beneficial in screening for asymptomatic bacteriuria in antenatal care and pre-operative care because positive results have a substantial effect on the care pathway. Peezy Midstream would also be of benefit for people with poor balance or manual dexterity, because they may find it difficult to control their urinary stream.

Potential system impact

Peezy Midstream has the potential to improve clinical outcomes and reduce system costs because it reduces the number of samples sent for laboratory testing and unnecessary use of prophylactic antibiotics.