• The technology described in this briefing is Endo-SPONGE. It is used for treating colorectal anastomotic leakage.

  • The innovative aspects are that the technology uses a sponge, vacuum therapy and drainage in a minimally invasive way.

  • The intended place in therapy would be in addition to endoscopic lavage and as an alternative to stents or reoperation in people with low rectal anastomotic leak after colorectal surgery.

  • The main points from the evidence summarised in this briefing are from 7 non-comparative case series studies including a total of 277 adults with colorectal anastomotic leakage. They show that Endo-SPONGE may help improve healing of colorectal anastomotic leaks without the need for surgery.

  • Key uncertainties around the evidence or technology are that there are no studies comparing Endo‑SPONGE with other treatments for colorectal anastomotic leakage. There are no comparative studies available and no studies done in the NHS.

  • The cost of Endo-SPONGE (plus Redyrob drainage bottle) is £271.11 per unit (exclusive of VAT). The resource impact may be less than standard care because of reduced length of stay and a reduced need for reoperations and stomas.