Expert comments

Comments on this technology were invited from clinical experts working in the field and relevant patient organisations. The comments received are individual opinions and do not represent NICE's view.

All 3 experts were familiar with and had used this technology before.

Level of innovation

Two experts agreed that Prontosan is an innovative technology. One expert did not think that Prontosan was an innovative technology compared with other irrigation and cleansing solutions, however, they did note that education to cleanse and soak wounds was a novel approach. All experts agreed that Prontosan is the only wound solution or gel containing polyhexamethylene biguanide.

Potential patient impact

Two clinical experts said that using Prontosan could lead to reduced wound infections. One said that Prontosan could be used to reduce surgical site infections and improve quality of life and outcomes after surgery. One expert said that Prontosan can interrupt and dissolve biofilm formation and prevent reformation as well as remove non-viable tissue and foreign bodies from the wound bed. One expert said that Prontosan did not sting patients when applied.

All experts agreed that Prontosan would benefit people with chronic wounds. One expert clarified that this includes wounds over 14 days old. One expert said that using Prontosan after surgery could help surgical wounds heal and prevent infection. Two experts said that Prontosan may also benefit people who have risk factors for poor healing.

Potential system impact

All experts said that using Prontosan has the potential to improve healing but 1 noted that the evidence for this is currently limited. Two experts said that Prontosan has potential to improve healing outcomes and reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections after surgery. This could lead to reductions in the need for antibiotics, wound dressing changes, wound swabs and laboratory time and hospital readmissions.

The experts said that using Prontosan costs slightly more than standard care but expect that it would save costs in the long term because of the reduced need for further treatment.

The clinical experts said that using Prontosan instead of other wound cleansers (saline) would not require any major change to services. One expert noted that the company recommends a longer 'soak-time' for Prontosan, which requires brief staff training.

General comments

One clinical expert said that, in their experience, using Prontosan has reduced biofilm formation and incidence of infection. The expert also said that Prontosan effectively removed debris from the wound bed, leading to a colour change that indicates a healthier wound bed and improved healing.