• The technology described in this briefing is Prontosan. It is used to cleanse acute and chronic wounds.

  • The innovative aspects are that this technology is the only solution or gel with the active ingredients polyhexamethylene biguanide and undecylenamidopropyl betaine, which the company claims help prepare the wound bed and prevent a biofilm forming.

  • The intended place in therapy would be as an alternative to saline or water to cleanse wounds during dressing changes.

  • The main points from the evidence summarised in this briefing are from 6 studies, 2 single-blind controlled trials, 2 retrospective reviews of patient data and 2 observational studies, including a total of 833 adults and children. They show that Prontosan is likely to be better than saline for treating acute and chronic wounds.

  • Key uncertainties around the evidence or technology are that there is no evidence to show the effect of Prontosan on complete healing because of the short follow up in the studies.

  • The cost of Prontosan is between £0.61 and £32.45 per unit (excluding VAT), depending on product type and quantity. The resource impact is to replace the cost of standard care, which is saline at £0.25 per 20 ml.