• This briefing covers the use of PredictSURE IBD for ulcerative colitis. NICE has also published diagnostics guidance on the use of PredictSURE IBD to guide treating Crohn's disease.

  • The technology described in this briefing is PredictSURE IBD. It is a prognostic assay that categorises people with newly diagnosed inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) into a high or low risk of severe, inflammation of ulcerative colitis.

  • The innovative aspect is that it is designed to help personalise treatment for people with ulcerative colitis who might benefit from early treatment with biologics.

  • The intended place in therapy would be to help the gastroenterologist choose treatment for people diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

  • The main points from the evidence summarised in this briefing are from 2 studies including 1 prospective cohort study and 1 observational study with a total of 89 people with diagnosed ulcerative colitis in the UK. They provide proof of principle evidence that PredictSURE IBD could predict prognosis in people with ulcerative colitis.

  • Key uncertainties around the evidence or technology are that limited evidence is available on the prognostic accuracy of PredictSURE IBD in people with ulcerative colitis. There was no evidence on how using PredictSURE IBD influences treatment decisions when managing active IBD.

  • Experts advised that PredictSURE IBD may be a helpful test to determine the most appropriate treatment for people with ulcerative colitis; however, there is limited evidence to support that.

  • The cost of PredictSURE IBD is £1,250 per person (excluding VAT). This includes the costs of the technology and the laboratory services.