28 January 2020

NICE, Level 1A, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester M1 4BT

Draft agenda 

The meeting will start promptly at 10:00 and is expected to finish at approximately 16:00.

Please note that this agenda is a draft and is subject to change before the meeting.

The nature of the following discussions is commercially sensitive so this meeting will take place in a part 2 session only (part 2 sessions are closed to public observers). 

  1. Welcome, introduction and declarations of interest– Part 2 only (closed session)
  2. Managing common infections – Discussion of evidence, draft recommendations for guidance on the treatment of secondary infection of common skin conditions including eczema: antimicrobial prescribing - Part 2 only (closed session)
  3. Summary and next steps – Part 2 only (closed session)
  4. Any other business – Part 2 only (closed session)

To print this agenda, please right click and select ‘Print’ from the menu.

Date, time and venue of next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 3 March 2020 at NICE, Level 1A, City Tower, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester, M1 4BT.

Please note all timings are approximate.