23 June 2020

Virtual meeting via Zoom

NICE has received three appeals against the Final Appraisal Document on the above technology from the following organisations

  • Action Bladder Cancer UK
  • Fight Bladder Cancer
  • Merck Sharp Dohme Ltd (MSD) 

During initial scrutiny, it was agreed that MSD’s appeal will proceed to an oral appeal hearing. As the other appeals did not fall within one or more of the two strictly limited grounds for appeal, these were rejected at scrutiny and will not proceed to the hearing.


The appeal panel will convene on Tuesday 23 June 2020 at 10am to hear oral representations from the appellant. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, this will be a virtual appeal hearing via the secure online conferencing tool, Zoom.


Registration period: 01 to 18 May 2020
Registration is closed.