Closing date: 10am, Friday 24 November 2017.
Time commitment: 2 years

We are looking for:

a skilled chair and experienced leader with a track record of working effectively with multi-professional committees or working groups at a national or regional level.

Important: If you have a specific conflict of interest, we may not be able to take your application any further. This includes financial or non-financial interests, whether personal, family or non-personal. Make sure you have read our policy before you apply.

Any questions? Contact Hilary Eadonat, tel: 0207 045 6740.

How to apply

  1. Read information for applicants (PDF) for: 
    • role description and person specification  
    • expenses and how to claim
    • recruitment and selection process 
  2. We need the following documents:
  3. Attach those documents in an email and send to Eleanor Howat at